R E C O R D    L A B E L S

XTREEM MUSIC (2001 - ...)


  • XTREEM MUSIC is my 3rd label. I founded it in summer 2001 and at first it was only a website with the aim of gaining some reputation seeing that it was just a matter of time that REPULSE RECORDS was going to cease due to its bad financial situation. Here I decided not to go with any partner, just myself as the only boss and so far this is the most successful label so far. In Summer 2002, REPULSE RECORDS called its quits and then I concentrated with XTREEM MUSIC not only as a website, but as a record label too.

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REPULSE RECORDS (1994 - 2002)


  • REPULSE RECORDS was founded in January 1994 after I left DROWNED PRODUCTIONS. Together with two partners, we started to build a killer underground label where we released many legendary acts like VADER, INCANTATION, IMMOLATION, AVULSED, DISGORGE (mex), DERANGED, DEEDS OF FLESH, SEPSISM, CENTINEX, GOLGOTHA, and many others. Differences between the three partners during the years, the crisis in the music business and of course a very difficult financial situation, leaded to the unavoidable demise of the label (and record store!!) in August 2002.

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  • DROWNED PRODUCTIONS was founded in September 1990 after my first European Inter-rail trip. I decided to create a label to release demos of Spanish bands in a professional way and help them with promotion spreading their name around the world. Later, in September 1991 I got partnership with the most popular Metal store in Madrid called HARD VINYL and with their financial help I started to release 7"EP's and later full length albums until in April '94 I definitely got fed up of being tied with these motherfuckers and decided to go with a new label called REPULSE RECORDS which I already started few months ago. Some legendary albums were released like DEMIGOD, ROTTREVORE, PYREXIA, NECROPHILIAC, PURTENANCE & UNBOUNDED TERROR as well as some killer 7"EP's by bands like IMPRECATION, DARKIFIED, DETERIOROT, IMMORTAL FATE and of course some demos by the most important spanish Death Metal bands in that time which were the precursors of the spanish scene back then.

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