Hi there...

Most probably the very first thing you'll think after noticing that I've created my own personal website is that I'm such a fucking egocentric, but what the fuck?? Thousands of people have their own MySpace site and I can't do my own website just to gather all my activities since I got involved with the underground??

Well, haha, whatever you might think, here's a project that I've been thinking about for many years and I've finally decided to start building... The thing is that I've done soo many things related to the extreme Metal underground since '86 that I have decided to put them all in only one website. Here you can see almost every remarkable thing I've done so far. Just check out the menu on the left and you'll find that out!!

The site is still in a very early stage and I'll be working on it very slowly. I'm basically working on my personal collection, which is going slow too, but you know, I have to start somewhere. Most probably I'll never finish cos I have over 8.000 items counting CD's, 12"LP's, 7"EP's, cassettes... but well... at least I'm doing something!!